Handwork and the 21st-Century Farm

By Jamie Hardy

For us, it started with a wreath. Deep in the pandemic at the tail end of 2020, we were putting together holiday care packages for our employees. We were looking for thoughtfully made gifts that would make our homes more inviting and cozy, since we basically never left them. And soon the gorgeous work of Black Cotton — a company we had been following on social media for some time — became the centerpiece of the box. …

By Stacy Basko

Meet Mikaela Hoffman-Stapleton, a member of Arable’s data science team. Mikaela models and operationalizes the machine learning that makes the insights our customers receive so valuable. Here’s her story.

Like many in the field, Mikaela loves math, but she brings more than that to the table. She’s also a synesthete, someone who experiences more than one sense at a time and sees numbers and letters in color. This means her mental equations are bigger and brighter — and the number four is always orange.

Mikaela channeled her colorful passion into degrees in both math and physics. Then, she spent a…

An Overview of the Arable Cal/Val Network

By Stacy Basko

As a data and analytics company that powers better decisions in agriculture, Arable takes data accuracy and improvement very seriously. In a newly published white paper, our Data Science team explains how we use machine learning (ML) to improve Arable’s core measurements, and how we validate their performance. Results of this study found that at one testing site, Arable was shown to be up to 60x more accurate in detecting rainfall amounts than a similar device. A synopsis of the report follows. Download the full white paper here.

The Case for Machine Learning in the Field

Arable’s Mark 2 is an all-in-one weather station and crop monitor that…

An Interview with Dr. Lineu Rodrigues of Embrapa

By Jess Bollinger & Pedro Barbieri

This week, activities slowed down just enough to allow us to chat with one of our first Arable users in Brazil, Dr. Lineu Rodrigues. Dr. Rodrigues is one of the world’s leading specialists in irrigation, water resources and hydrology. In November 2020, he was appointed Head of Research and Development at Embrapa Cerrados, which is one of the Units of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). This unit, with an area of ​​about 3,000 hectares and 340 employees — 98 of whom are researchers — has the mission of generating and making solutions via research, development and innovation possible for…

An Interview with Graham Page, Head of Technical Services, Elders Australia

By Levon Minassian & Jamie Hardy

Potatoes growing near Adelaide (photo by Jess Bollinger)

The last several decades have seen Australian agriculture increasingly plagued by scarcity of water. This trend, which culminated in the Millennium drought of the early 2000s, led to the creation of arguably the most sophisticated (and controversial) water market in the world, the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) water market system. This arrangement allows farmers to trade their water rights on the open market to domestic or foreign investors.

Climatic model simulations project that high-value growing regions in Southern Australia and near the MDB demonstrate a potential decline in water supply by nearly 20% over the next 70 years, and up to…

By Stacy Basko

Data science can be abstract, but what Arable provides for our customers is clear. We give growers around the world the agricultural information they need to make sound decisions in real time. In Argentina, Caburé is the team that brings Arable into the field. Here’s how they help their clients succeed.

Felix Casabal, who co-founded Caburé in 2018 with mathematician Sebastian Sosa, leverages his background in agriculture and business to engage farmers, seed breeders and agronomists who want to make data-driven decisions. Gonzalo Villañe Tapia, an IT engineer, rounds out the company as a partner. Together, they offer a platform…

By Jamie Hardy & Levon Minassian

Aerial view of seven Arable Mark 2 devices in seed trial fields
Aerial view of seven Arable Mark 2 devices in seed trial fields

Last week we dropped a new dashboard into the Advanced Analytics beta feature on Arable Web, Location Deep Dive. Well, we aren’t done yet! To build out the functionality of our Web & Mobile dashboards and continue to bring you some of the most flexible agronomic insights out there, today we are publishing the next installment: Compare Across Locations.

This new web dashboard has powerful visualization and analysis tools that allow you to easily compare water, weather, and plant measurements across multiple locations. With this kind of visibility, you can look at trends and averages to get a big-picture view…

D3Ag and Arable Launch in Australia

By Jess Bollinger & Jamie Hardy

D3Ag barley trial in South Australia
D3Ag barley trial in South Australia
D3Ag’s Brentwood barley field trial, SA Australia.

This week, Arable and D3Ag are proud to launch a partnership that supports Australian growers and land stewards in using data to navigate the agricultural challenges unique to the region, and together forge a better way to manage water resources on the continent. The teams have been working together for several years to build a solution that brings tangible value to water- and resource-strapped communities who feed a growing population under an increasingly difficult set of circumstances.

Known for their resourcefulness, innovation, and evidence-based approach to improving productivity and resource use efficiency, Australian farmers are a foundational pillar of the…

By Jamie Hardy & Levon Minassian

We’ve been hunkered down at Arable Remote HQ lately, working hard to develop some new weather and crop metrics for our beta release of Advanced Analytics in Arable Web, and they’re here! Our customers told us how important it is to have more ways to see data and understand how seasonal conditions impact crop outcomes, and we’ve made it easier than ever to get the most useful agronomic data out there.

Introducing: Location Deep Dive

We recently published new crop growth dashboards on Arable Mobile (Android / iOS). This week we are releasing our first version for Arable Web, Location Deep Dive, which drills…

The funding will support global expansion and bolster Arable’s mission to be the most trusted source of data in agriculture.

By Arable Staff

The EPA reports that the agriculture sector creates 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the second-largest contributor. However, agriculture is also an incredible force for good, with the potential to sequester as much as 10% of anthropogenic emissions over the next generation (FAO) as farmers continue to adopt sustainable practices and provide nutrition to a growing population in the face of unprecedented challenges. Last year’s IPCC report showed that the value of the world’s terrestrial ecosystem services roughly equal global annual GDP, indicating a huge lever for meaningful change. Yet up to now, the industry has remained…


Natural Resource Management

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