Arable Labs Welcomes Dr. Ramazan Demirli to Helm the Data Science Team

Dr, Ramazan Demirli, Arable’s new VP of Data Science

Arable Labs is thrilled to announce that Dr. Ramazan Demirli, PhD has joined the team as VP of Data Science. “Finding the right person to head up Arable’s Data Science Team was not easy,” noted Arable’s CTO, Joakim Wiklund. “We were looking for someone with deep knowledge in machine learning and signal processing, experience with audio and imaging data. Real-world experience deploying IoT solutions at the edge was a definite plus. I am delighted Ramazan is joining Arable, he has the experience and expertise we were looking for, and he is a great fit in Arable’s culture.”

Ramazan brings two decades of R&D leadership experience in smart consumer devices and software to the Arable talent pool. Prior to joining us, he was Senior Director at SleepIQ Labs, where he led the R&D of device and backend ML algorithms for the first-ever IoT system enabling touchless sleep and health monitoring at homes. Ramazan’s core expertise is signal/image processing and machine learning at the edge, with extensive emphasis in noninvasive health monitoring, biometric sensing, and medical image analysis.

He has published more than 50 research articles and disclosed inventions for 16 patents; is a Senior Member of the IEEE; and has served as a TPC member and chair for several IEEE conferences. In addition, he founded and directed the Acoustics & Ultrasound Research Lab at Villanova University, and managed an NSF funded Partnership for Innovation program in collaboration with local industry. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. “I’m very excited to join Arable Labs, and lead our data science and artificial intelligence to exploit the power of field data stream from our IoT devices; to advance the knowledge of plant biology and growth, and provide great value to agricultural researchers and farmers across the world,” he said. Welcome, Ramazan! To learn more about our leadership team, visit our About page:

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