Some initial logo explorations


That’s me…in the field.

Getting to the Core

Transparency: It is our responsibility as a company to share our process, our policies, and our insights. No black boxes here.

Integrity: If you don’t have integrity you don’t have anything.

Impact: We will have failed if our company isn’t able to empower people to make a change in the world.

Curiosity: Our thirst to experiment, to do better, to push past the status quo.

Empiricism: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

We needed a brand and a name to match these values.

The Knot

Well I’ve Got Friends…

Of course, we didn’t use any of that for the naming. Eventually, we decided upon the name Arable: meaning land that can be or is cultivated. It was the first name Adam suggested and I can say we exhaustively searched & racked our brains for other names until we couldn’t deny it any longer: Arable. It is a name that celebrates the land, the growers, and the mouths it feeds and community it cultivates.

Measure Like An Egyptian

Menna Tomb, Luxor, Egypt

During my research I stumbled upon a hieroglyphic of an agricultural scene. It was of Egyptians measuring their fields of wheat using knotted rope — one of the first tools of measurement. The scene depicts men, women, and children (and horses) working together to support each other. This is where we found our logo — a knot, symbolizing both measurement, and the ties between people, land and food.

Arable logo

At Arable, we believe that given the right information at the right time, people will take responsibility to do good for their community and greater world at large. We believe this vision of the future is worth fighting for.

Natural Resource Management

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