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  • Kevin Zschach

    Kevin Zschach

    Coffee Lover | Husband. Father. Believer | Marketing Enthusiast | CMO — CAMP3

  • Jon Christensen

    Jon Christensen

    Teaches at UCLA, is a partner at Stamen Design, and edits LENS Magazine at lensmagazine.org.

  • Taiki Fukunaga

    Taiki Fukunaga

  • Javad Hatami

    Javad Hatami

    CEO & Co-founder @Builtrix. I love to build products; especially those that save time and make people’s lives easier.

  • Dan Anderson

    Dan Anderson

  • Eben Broadbent

    Eben Broadbent

    Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology & Geomatics, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida

  • Allison Morgan

    Allison Morgan

    Computer science graduate student at University of Colorado, Boulder studying computational social science. More info found at: http://allisonmorgan.github.io

  • Yu Tianhui

    Yu Tianhui

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