Have You Herd? Ruminants, Grazing and the Future of Sustainable Viticulture

Chewing the cud with Jordan Lonborg and Nathan Stuart from Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles, CA.

At Arable, we are always talking about what we are doing right, how we can do better, and ways we can measure the difference. It is fun to meet others with a similar mindset towards sustainable farming. Here we talk with some of the viticulture team at Tablas Creek to learn about their vineyard, livestock practice, Demeter certification and, of course, their sheep.

Ruminants among the vines at Tablas Creek Vineyard (photo by Brittany App).
They also have alpacas (photo by Jordan Lonborg).
And a couple of donkeys for good measure (photo courtesy Tablas Creek).

Natural Resource Management

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