This newsletter is long overdue and I want to share some big updates about our team…

  • I-CORPS: The National Science Foundation has this amazing program that takes knucklehead scientists and teaches them what a business is and how to make one. It’s not for everyone, but it is an aggravating and exhilarating opportunity for personal growth. We learned a good deal about our customers and ourselves.
  • Growing Arable: Marisa Rowland joined our team in August, leading us in design and brand strategy. Along with this milestone, we outgrew Pulsepod, and are now Arable Labs, Inc or more simply, ARABLE.
  • FARMD at the World Bank: I’ll be giving a talk/webinar Tuesday 11/24 at 1230EST on Data Driven Agricultural Development to the Forum on Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARMD). Sign up for the webinar here.

Pulsepod is now Arable

Check out our new site!

Natural Resource Management

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