New Partnership Aims to Keep 2.4 Billion Gallons of Water Out of the Beef Supply Chain

Data is the missing link in building a reality-based, grower-centric, and scalable water stewardship plan.

Saturated thickness snapshots
Data from Haacker et al. 2016; GIF by Lacey Moore via
The Arable Mark high above a just-planted Nebraska cornfield this spring.
Just a few of the ways the Mark gathers data.

Precipitation: Know How Much It Rained

Arable Point and Weather Forecasting: Know When More Rain Is Coming (Or Not)

Evapotranspiration & Dynamic Crop Coefficient: Know Your Water Budget

Chlorophyll Content: Know Your Plants’ Pith and Vigor

Why Does It Matter?

Data benefits up and down the supply chain.

Natural Resource Management

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