Ground-Truth Data ‘Absolutely’ Adds Value to Top-Shelf Cannabis

Esensia’s craft cannabis operation uses senses and sensors to navigate an industry sea change, while staying true to its roots.

By Jamie Hardy & Ian Bailey

Esensia’s operation, in NorCal’s Emerald Triangle. Courtesy Ben Blake.

The whole thing with cannabis is that it rocketed out of the black market into the legal space and now changes in the industry are happening at a super fast rate. It’s really coming into a traditional ag space very, very quickly. It all basically happened in the last year or two.

The Arable Mark above the cannabis canopy. Courtesy Ben Blake.

If we can log temperature data by the hour in the fall, we can cross-reference that with what we’re seeing and smelling on the plant, and find out what those temperature thresholds are for the different strains.

The gorgeous purples in Esensia’s Pixie Dust develop during late-season chilly nights. Courtesy Ben Blake.

The more we can get exact readings or specialized data for parts of the garden or specific strains, we can dial things in even more. That would definitely lead to the potential of producing better quality product.

Esensia’s Lime Juice (L) and Merlot (R) strains. Courtesy Ben Blake.

In under two years, you saw that traditional craft market get decimated as people had a really hard time transitioning to the regulated market, getting through all the regulatory hoops. Corporate interests have come in off the sidelines.

As opposed to replacing traditional methods with tech, we want to find the tech that is really going to support and enhance our core philosophies around cultivation.

Natural Resource Management

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