Planting Our Seeds and Watching Them Grow

Arable and the beginning of the next agricultural revolution.

By Jim Ethington

The Arable Mark in a Chilean vineyard.

The next revolution in agriculture will be defined by our ability to optimize data-driven crop productivity.

We are now at the beginning of the next revolution in agriculture. It is a race to connect farm fields around the world with useful, valuable data, and will be defined by our ability to optimize data-driven crop productivity, from the smallholder to the mega farm. My experience over the last 10 years, and what I’ve heard from many of you, has told me that across the industry the promise of this revolution is still far from a reality, but at Arable, we believe that starting with high-quality data, delivered through a system that is easy, reliable, all-in-one, and focused on the needs and use cases of agriculture, can go a long way to helping make that promise a reality.

2018 Accomplishments: It Was A Very Good Year.

2018 started with Arable named in the THRIVE Top 50, and a Best of CES finalist. Adam was selected as a 2018 Innovator to Watch by the NJ Tech Council, and we were listed as one of the 10 best startups in New Jersey by the NJ Tech Tribune. We launched a new marketing web site, partnered on an irrigation efficiency project in Nebraska, and released our Irrigation Overview in our Insights dashboard, allowing users a unified view of water stress, crop ET, and precipitation for building irrigation schedules.

The irrigation overview in our Insights dashboard shows up to 30 days of historical data.

2019 Goals: Here’s To Another One.

We kick off development in 2019 with a new mobile app for on-the-go access to all location, weather, and crop data. Next, we plan to update the web app with a focus on reporting and aggregate information. We’re deepening our one-stop-shop ethos by incorporating soil moisture data into our UI. To fuel innovation with Arable Mark data, we are building more robust dev tools. We’re also enabling more accurate harvest timing through base customization of growing degree days. Our team has made great strides in data collection in rural areas with often limited connectivity options, and are exploring cellular IoT options like NB-IoT, Cat M, and LoRa. We look forward to improving power and connectivity, enhancing customer access to data, and adding even more agronomic value to what we already offer. Those seeds we planted last year? They’re growing.

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