To Meet Agtech’s New Movers and Shakers, Look Beyond Buenos Aires

Rural Argentina’s vibrant agricultural industry is the keystone to its economic revival.

By Jess Bollinger and Jamie Hardy

A vineyard in Mendoza province, Argentina. Photo by Jess Bollinger.
The packed audience at Silicon Valley Forum in Rosario, Argentina. Photo courtesy Gonza Arocena.
In the foreground are warehouses along the Paraná River in Rosario, where the Silicon Valley Forum was held. Photo courtesy Gonza Arocena.
Hugo Rossi and Gonza Arocena in Rossi’s sunflower field, right before harvest. Photo by Jess Bollinger.
Data from RAVIT showing the yield gap in farmers from the Córdoba region of Argentina. They are running a study using big data to determine the drivers of this gap with the hopes of closing it. Image courtesy RAVIT.
Kilimo AgTech’s UI uses satellite, climate, and soil data to optimize an irrigation plan for each crop in the field. Image courtesy Kilimo AgTech.
From left to right: Gabriela Posse (INTA), Gonza Arocena (Grupo Isidoro), Mariana Stegagnini (Fundación CEDEF), Jess Bollinger (Arable Labs), Roberto de Ruyver (INTA), and Valeria Guerra (INTA). Photo courtesy Jess Bollinger.
A map showing INTA’s network of surface stations, satellites, and meteorological stations that monitor climate fluctuations. Image courtesy INTA.
A PONCE device in the field. Photo courtesy José Robetto.
The ZoomAgri scanner device and app interface. Courtesy ZoomAgri.
Four different views inside the Booster Agro app. Coutresy Booster Agro.
Photo courtesy Jess Bollinger.

Natural Resource Management

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